Eagle-DVR Digital Video Recording System for local and remote surveillance
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Frequently Asked Questions > Q-08
Frequently Asked Questions : Q-08

Q: Please try to explain the video database theory, how it works etc. What is vdb and vmb?

A: Video database is a virtual storage to keep recorded images.
Internally, this virtual storage consists of two different types of files: VMB and VDB. The VMB type stores digitized and compressed video data of recorded frames. This type has permanent size and is defined by user.

The Video Server has possibility to handle multiple VMB files. VMB files may reside at different locations and use different devices (including internal and external hard disks, RAID arrays, network disks and storage) to store them. Only requirement is valid operating system drive letter (i.e. D: E: Z:). From
the Video Server point of view all VMB files form the only virtual storage..The VDB type stores links and indexing information to recorded video data (which resides in the VMB files) for fast system access. This type has dynamic size and handled by the Video Server.

This structure of the Video database is also applied to separate stored fragments of the
video archive (which can be made by "Save video fragment" button in Video Explorer
menu in Video Server or Video Client application). To keep some extra information
about cameras and their settings another VDD file type is used.

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