More burglars make debut on home camera

sunday argus 20 October 2002


Lightning is not supposed to strike twice in the same place but it felt as if it had to a Welgemoed resident this week when his home security system caught burglars on camera for the second time in six days.

Lst week two burglars broke into his house and ransacked it, blissfully unaware that their every move was being captured on a miniature closed circuit video camera linked to his personal computer.

This week it was the same scene, Act Two, shen the house was broken into again by different intruders.

And while last week's break-in was recorded in black and white, this time the thieves were captured in full technicolour.

R.V, the owner of the property, said he could not believe he had been burgled twice in six days.

Last week R.V's system captured footage of a man and a woman stealing his belongings.

In one frame one was trying on his leather jacket. They stole a hi-fi, video machine, compact discs, clothes and jewellery.

Then this week thieves took the rest of what little was left - the microwave, bedding, and even food from the fridge. "The house is so empty it looks as if no one lives there," said a dejected R.V.

This time the camera captured only one burglar in action because they cut the electricity.

Visser said the thieves must have been disturbed because he found the PC wrapped in a sheet in the passage.

Only one camera had been active as the system was not yet fully operational. The full system would allow him to log onto another computer and view what was happening at home.

He said he had handed the latest pictures to the police and he hoped they would help catch the burglars.

* Initials used to protect identity