Eagle-DVR Digital Video Recording System for local and remote surveillance
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EagleDVR Specifications at a Glance


Monitoring / Recording Speed - 1 Channel Board

  25 fps per channel

Monitoring / Recording Speed - 2 Channel Board

6~10 fps per channel

Monitoring /Recording Speed - 4 Channel Board

4~8 fps per channel

Transmission Speed over Internet

1-3 fps Total

Transmission Speed over 10MB LAN

Up to 25 fps per Camera

Transmission Speed over dial-up connection

1-6 fps Total

Average disk size required*:

Example 1: Office Environment
16 Camera System, 80GB HDD


14-16 Days Recording

Example 2:
24 Hour Production Plant
16 Camera System, 80GB HDD

8-10 Days Recording

* Tested in colour mode at 768x288 resolution,
3 frames per second



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