Eagle-DVR Digital Video Recording System for local and remote surveillance
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EagleDVR System Setup

The EagleDVR system consists of two functionally independent components: the Video Server and the Video Client. The software for both of these components are supplied free of charge with the EagleDVR boards.

What is the Video Server?

The Video Server is the Software which forms the core of the system. The EagleDVR Video Server Software is installed on a PC with a minimum of one EagleDVR card. (Up to four cards can be installed.) Video cameras are connected to the card(s) and the Video Server Software is run. It performs recording, control, review and system administration functions. Access to information processed by the Video Server, as well as its administration, may be performed both locally and remotely. Remote access is made possible through the Video Client. Several Video Client connections can be made to the Video Server through TCP/IP via the Internet, LAN or dial-up networking.

What is the Video Client?

The Video Client is any personal computer installed with the Video Client Software, which is remotely linked to the Video Server. The Video Client allows remote access to cameras connected to the main Video Server. This allows remote viewing of live or recorded camera footage. (This is ideal for any person wanting to monitor their premises while away.) An unlimited amount of Video Client PC's can be connected to the main Video Server PC.

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